In 1983 John Lloyd and Douglas Adams wrote the bestselling book The Meaning of Liff, a dictionary of hilarious definitions of ‘things there should be words for but aren’t’ that has been in print ever since publication.


John Lloyd and Jon Canter have written and sourced hundreds of new definitions which are now brought together for the first time in Afterliff. Always funny, often profound and entirely unique, this is the essential book for anyone who finds there aren’t enough words to describe what happens in everyday life.


Take a place name ~ Add a universal truth ~ Sprinkle with some comedy genius ~

And you have the recipe for creating a liff!


Badlesmeare n.

One who dishonestly ticks the ‘I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions’ box.


Clavering ptcpl v.

Pretending to text when alone and feeling vulnerable in public.


Eworthy adj.

Of a person: worth emailing but not worth phoning or meeting.


Sorrento n.

The thing that goes round and round as a YouTube video loads.


John Lloyd is the founding producer of The News QuizTo The Manor Born,Not The Nine O’Clock NewsBlackadderSpitting Image and QI. Jon Canter is a novelist and scriptwriter who has written for Lenny Henry, Rowan Atkinson, Richard Wilson and Dawn French, among others. His novels Seeds of GreatnessA Short Gentleman and Worth are published by Vintage.