Gag Reflex Presents

Axis Of Awesome

Won’t Ever Not Stop Giving Up

Gilded Balloon Debating Hall: 3rd – 28th August

Get ready to rock with the Edinburgh Festival Fringe’s most undeniably awesome headliners The Axis of Awesome. They Won’t Ever Not Stop Giving Up in the Gilded Balloon Debating Hall ‪at 10:30pm‪ from the 3rd ‪to the 14th August‪ and at 9pm from the 15th ‪to the 28th August‪.

Jordan, Lee and Benny are the award winning musical comedy act The Axis of Awesome, back with a brand new hour of world class musical comedy. They’ve toured all over the Earth, including appearances at Comic Relief, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and even at a Military Base in the Sinai Desert. Plus their videos have over 200,000,000 hits online. They’ve even got a plaque from YouTube. A PLAQUE!

The Axis’ hit comedy song ‘4 Chords’ is a viral sensation, amassing millions of hits and being performed by the band all over the world. They have toured around Australia, America, the UK and Europe, released seven albums and won the award for Best YouTube Channel at the 2014 Online Video Awards.

In February this year the band released a YouTube video – What’s Happened To Jordan’s Beard? In the video Jordan revealed that she is a transgender woman. She explained her lifelong struggle with gender dysphoria and how her decision to transition came during the band’s 2014 UK Tour. Benny and Lee were instantly accepting and supportive of Jordan’s gender identity and transition and the three got straight back to work recording their latest album Viva La Vida Loca Las Vegas.

So, The Axis of Awesome are back for their seventh run at the Fringe. There’s been a big change but one thing’s for certain; These guys and girl totally rock, they’ve never been more awesome and they Won’t Ever Not Stop Giving Up.

What the press have said about Axis of Awesome:

“Fringe legends! The only downside to the show? It should be longer.”      ★★★★★Three Weeks

“The laughs come thick and fast”                                                      ★★★★★British Theatre Guide

“If you don’t laugh until your jaw aches and you’re clutching your sides begging them to stop then I have no polite way to finish this sentence.”                                                                           ★★★★★Broadway Baby

Listings Information

Date:                3rd – 28th August (not 25th)

Show:              Axis Of Awesome: Won’t Ever Not Stop Giving Up

Venue:             Gilded Balloon Debating Hall

Address:         Gilded Balloon, Teviot Row House, 13 Bristo Square, Edinburgh, EH8 9AJ

Time:               3rd – 14th August 10:30pm, 15th – 28th August 9:00pm

Price:              Previews £6.00, Weeknights £9.00 / £7.00, Weekends £12 / £10.00 

For more information please contact Gaby Jerrard / Charlie Davies at [email protected] / [email protected] or on 020 3774 4676