Russell Hicks:
Love Song for the Viciously Ambitious

Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters: 2nd – 26th August: 5.45pm

Russell Hicks returns with Love Song for the Viciously Ambitious – another free-form explosion that he deems “necessary medicine” for any artist who is trying too hard to make it.

This new show is a love song. A song to all artists who try to juggle all the other hats needed to ‘make it’ and who forget their original quest – to be a creator.

Russell wants to fix this.

A show so anarchic that those who get bogged down in becoming their own PR guru, marketing master and agent of guiding light will (hopefully) come away with a renewed sense of why on earth they actually choose to stand on stage for an hour and try to entertain every Tom, Dick and Harry across the Fringe. If you are not an envoy of creation, then you’ll come away with a new feeling entirely.

Hailing from San Diego, California, Russell was a major force in the LA comedy scene and college circuit before coming to UK shores to try and win over audiences here on this side of the pond. He has performed at some of the most prestigious clubs across the globe including The Comedy Store (London and Hollywood), Top Secret Comedy, Laugh Factory and many more. As well as performing at all of the clubs around the UK, Russell has also performed solo shows alongside the legendary Phil Kay, gaining him attention from William Morris, which eventually lead to an audition for Star Wars (he didn’t get it, but for a brief moment he got to be every boy’s childhood hero Han Solo).

Visual sightings of Russell can be seen on the NBC Seeso show The Morning After (hosted by Greg Proops) as well as in several viral videos on YouTube due to his sporadic nature of performance. One video in particular involving a supremely rowdy audience at the Comedy Store in London gained over one million views in just one day! Russell also hosts his own podcast Off the Grid with Russell Hicks, which talks about his decision to throw off the oppressive shackles of social media and lead a more organic existence (this was even before all the Cambridge Analytica problems came out so Russell’s either a trend-setter or a psychic).

Russell will be releasing his first ever free-form stand up comedy album The Brain is in the Heart later this year.


What the press have said about Russell Hicks:

“Hicks has a sharp wit… the pessimism of Jack Dee mixed with the deadpan aggression of Denis Leary. A rip-roaring night of tough love from a witty comedian” ★★★★ Broadway Baby

“Russell Hicks was a surprising highlight for me – American standup who wove wide-ranging improvisation and interaction with the crowd with deprecating jokes about American stereotypes and a wry swipe back at British culture… very funny.” Ashbourne Voice

“It’s impressive to witness the fountain of verbal gold that comes out of the comedian.” NerdsDoItBetter

Listings Information:
Dates: 2nd – 26th August 2018
Show: Russell Hicks: Love Song for the Viciously Ambitious
Venue: Laughing Horse @ The Free Sisters: Maggie’s Chamber
Address: The Three Sisters, 139 Cowgate, Edinburgh, EH1 1JS
Time: 5.45pm
Price: FREE

For more information please contact Gaby Jerrard / Claire Hoyda / Matthew Christian at
[email protected] / [email protected] / [email protected]
020 7690 0006